November 29 2016

Extremely Satisfied

Comment from a satisfied customer: Sarah Tremblay


Hello. I'd like to share my experience, as I was extremely satisfied. I find that many people often mention when they were unsatisfied, but not when they experience somebody who's done a good job. I went benkrupt two years ago, and was released from bankruptcy last February. I'll spare the details to avoid judgement, but I abolsutely needed a vehicle to get to work and it's at Kia Laurentides on the 117 that I found the best deal! I got a rate of 2.19% for my BRAND-NEW Kia Rio. I never thought that after a bunkrupty, I'd be leaving a delaership with a new vehicle. Thanks to the young lady in the financing department who took the time to listen to me and explain my options, as well as my representative. I'd recommend you 100%!